Whether you're looking for a nice place to have dinner or planning for an important event, Bali Hai Restaurant has a menu for every occasion.FacebookTwitter


The song of palms, in a twilight tropic breeze. The soft hiss of outriggers, slicing the water of a blue lagoon. The majesty and mystery of the South Pacific is recreated in one of the most unique restaurants in America…Bali Hai, on San Diego’s Shelter Island.

It’s legendary paradise of the Pacific, now a romantic reality, where the sensual rhythms of the Tahitian chant blend with the delectable aromas of the island luau…whether you’re enjoying an intimate dinner for two, a private party for twenty or a banquet for a hundred…it’s an adventure in Polynesian pleasure.

The Bali Hai Restaurant is located on Shelter Island at:

Bali Hai Restaurant
2230 Shelter Island Drive
San Diego, California 92106
(619) 222 – 1181

One of the many great amenities the Bali Hai Restaurant has to offer is the boat dock out on the back side of the restaurant. Every Sunday, many boat owners in the community come to the Bali Hai and dock to have Sunday Brunch. For some, it’s a Sunday ritual. If you own a boat, and are considering coming over for Sunday Brunch, we suggest you get here a little early to get a place on the dock. Sometimes boats get docked two deep on Sundays!! Good luck!!