Restaurant Week Lunch

Bali Hai serves a buffet style Sunday Brunch that is not included in Restaurant Week.

Please select one pupus and one entree


coconut shrimp –  ginger lime dipping sauce

beef skewer – pickled banh mi salad

hawaiian tuna poke – avocado, seaweed salad, masago, wonton

local green salad – goat cheese, macadamia nuts, seasonal berries, li hing mui vinaigrette    GF


$20 per person

cashew chicken salad –  fried noodles, cashews, mandarin orange, orange-sesame dressing

 seoul cheesesteak –  prime rib, onions, kimchee, miso cheese sauce, amoroso roll

korean chicken sandwich –  battered chicken thigh, sweet and tangy sauce, kimchee slaw

grilled zucchini sandwich – gochujang marinated zucchini, lettuce, onion, tomato, mayonnaise, amoroso roll

$30 per person

crab louie –  lump crab, mixed greens, asparagus, tomato, egg, creamy island dressing    GF 

lobster taco –  crispy fried lobster, pineapple salsa, feta, basil, jalapeno ranch 

chili pineapple glazed salmon – lemon basil risotto, strawberry relish 


Gluten Free Menu Choices  = GF

A 5% surcharge is added to each guest check, due to increase in costs.  Mahalo!