bali hai tuna poke* 19
avocado, seaweed salad,
masago, wonton (gluten free optional)

oysters on a half shell*
3 for $10 or 6 for $20
oyster of the day,
lime pickled sweet onion, house sambal


local greens salad 9
goat cheese, macadamia nuts,
seasonal berries, li hing mui vinaigrette (vegan optional) (gluten free)

grilled caesar salad 12
grilled romaine, blistered tomatoes,
white anchovies, smoked butter & herb crostini


flash fried shishito peppers 10
japanese peppers, garlic ponzu, sea

ali’i tasting 25
coconut shrimp, bali hai tuna poke, spinach lumpia, beef skewers, bali hai bbq ribs

aji seared scallops 19
taro ribbons, cucumbers
(Gluten Free & Dairy Free)

bali hai bbq pork ribs 15
bali hai bbq sauce, scallion, sesame seeds

coconut shrimp 15
ginger lime dipping sauce

spinach cream cheese lumpia 10
passion orange guava sweet and sour

crispy calamari 12
sweet garlic chili sauce, thai basil oil,
micro cilantro

beef skewers 13
pickled bahn mi salad

edamame 7
spicy ponzu or sea salt or garlic or hurricane (vegan & gluten free optional)


pan seared filet* 40
prawn, mushroom medley, mushroom cream sauce

14 oz. ribeye steak* 36
mushroom gravy, fried egg (gluten free optional)

duroc pork chop 27
dry-aged pork chop, apple-cider reduction, mustard green, apple slaw
(Gluten Free & Dairy Free)

korean fried chicken 19
onion, scallion, sesame seeds,
sweet sesame-soy sauce

braised short rib 27
lo mein noodles, mushroom medley, scallions, garlic butter sauce


pan seared market fish* 26
cabbage, cilantro, scallion, ginger,
serrano, adobo jus (gluten free)

crispy ahi tuna* 26
furikake rice, spicy pickled cucumber,
dynamite sauce (gluten free optional)

seared salmon* 26
lime dressing, papaya salad, cherry tomato, shrimp fry, peanuts
(Gluten Free & Dairy Free)

peanut shrimp 26
noodles, bell pepper, onion, snap peas, peanut sauce, nam pal peanuts
(Dairy Free)

14 oz. wok fried bass 36
corvina seabass, ponzu,
szechuan style vegetables


garlic mashed potatoes 3
steamed white rice 3
black bean tofu or
chinese broccoli 6 (vegan)
island macaroni salad 5
chinese garlic noodles 6
wok’ed or steamed vegetables 6
thai brussel sprouts w/ chinese sausage 8
vegetable fried rice or vegetable chow mein 7

add to fried rice or chow mein:

fried egg 2/ chicken 2/ bacon 2/ kim chee 2/spam 2/ pineapple 2 / shrimp 4


Tropical Cheesecake 8
Macadamia Coconut Crust, Mango Passionfruit Sauce, Coconut Tuille

Chocolate Praline Torte – GF 8
Gluten Free Dark Chocolate cake, Praline Mousse, Bavarian Cream Vanilla Bean Sauce, Praline Truffle

Citrus Olive Oil Cake  8
Lime Curd, Honey Ice Cream, Lemon Thyme Shortbread

Banana Foster Creme Brûlée  8
Bananas Flambeed in Butter, Brown Sugar, Rum : Served with a Brown Butter Cookie

One check and an added 18% service charge for parties of 8 or more persons. A 4% surcharge is added to each guest check, due to an increase in costs. Mahalo!