Bali Hai Restaurant

October 16, 2015

Bali Hai Message

To Bali Hai Friends and Fans,

As some of you know there have been recent reports of illness after a banquet last week at the Bali Hai Restaurant. We want to ensure all our recent and future guests that we have taken all necessary precautions to isolate whatever caused these symptoms at that particular banquet, whether or not this incident was food related. The source of the incident has not been identified, but the investigation is ongoing. We are working very closely with the health department through this process, and they have confirmed that there are no concerns about dining at the Bali Hai.

San Diego County Department of Environmental Health commented over the weekend “that there is no ongoing risk to the public.” No other signs or reports have been made of any illness from our guests outside of this particular banquet that was held in our outdoor pavilion.

At the Bali Hai, nothing is more important to us than our guests and we feel terrible that anyone became ill after their time with us. We will continue to update our staff, guests and the community as the investigation unfolds. We appreciate your support and look forward to upholding the highest level of service for our customers.


The Baumann Family